Our Story | Nomandia Towels That Travel

How it all started...

Jon and I love travelling more than anything. But when you’re always on the go you’re quick to notice the things that slow you down.

Not having a towel handy when there’s a chance for a swim, paying for towels on check-in, trying to shake sand free from the heavy hotel towels you’ve taken to the beach.

We were sure there was a solution, but the beach towels we found were heavier than their ‘lightweight’ claims, whilst most travel towels looked better suited to a gym locker room than a golden beach. 

So we founded Nomandia and set out to create the towels that we wanted - bold, beautiful, lightweight and quick drying - towels that travel. 

Our designs are inspired by beautiful places from around the world, and created for those who want to pack light and travel in style. We truly hope that you love our towels as much as we loved creating them.


Happy travels, Everyone!

Jon & Dorotka

Co-Founders of Nomandia